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What I offer?

The coaching I do can be an option in the online recovery program I offer. If you haven’t informed yourself with the program, I recommend checking it out. You can also book me to discuss your current situation and possible healing approach.

The coaching is meant to help you implement changes and tools. It is very practical and I love to give you self-awareness exercises. I usually ask a lot of questions to understand your situation. After that I will focus on a possible next step in your recovery. The day after a coaching session you will receive a recap. This way you can relax during the talk.

You can book an online appointment and choose your preferred time spot from our schedule. The booking process is really easy, it takes into account your timezone, this way it is easy to plan. After booking me, you will receive a link to the online meeting. To confirm the booking, please make a payment via the blue button or the donation page.

You can use it in any way you choose to. Ask whatever you want. We can talk about the difficulties you experience in your personal experience and together find a way to solve the issues.

Our talks are confidential, I hope you can be open with me.


The normal sessions are 60 minutes. I find that almost anybody is able to do this, as it is a stress-free and calm talk. Usually I am able to let you have more energy in a session. For the ones that can only do a 30 minute session, start with the Alignment Program to build up some energy. In extreme cases I do 30 minute sessions. Please contact me for this before.

Group coaching call

Every other Thursday and Friday there is a group session. This session is less personal and I answer questions and we can talk together about what it means to deal and heal with a chronic disease. I try to make it as calm and stress-free as possible.


A mobile phone with an internet connection and earplugs with a microphone works the best usually. Maybe you have something to put the phone in a steady position? Connections via a PC can also work, but I often experience sound difficulties on the other side of the line.

Make sure the session has been put in your schedule and there is a reminder via an alarm or something. Also check if you have selected the right time-zone and don’t confuse AM with PM.

Download the Zoom or Google Meet app and come online 10 minutes before the call. Make it stress-free.


If you don’t feel well, you can cancel the coaching up to 3 hours before the call. You can immediately schedule another appointment with me on this page, no payment needed.


I don’t do refunds. The prices are very low already.

Can’t afford a coaching?

Contact me, maybe someone has donated a session for you, or we can make another agreement.