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The Alignment program is a work in progress.

What is new?

Module 2: Shorter Louise Hay audio book

August 2nd 2023

I know the 5 hour audio book was too long and contradicted the program sometimes. I therefore shortened it to 17 minutes. It is only meant to be an idea, you will experience many things she talked about in later modules as well.

Tapping meditation

Guided meditation to tap on the fear for the symptoms – 432hz

Module 5: new tapping meditation

May 5th 2023

Many of you mention the need for another tapping meditation, and since so many of you have to deal with the extreme fear for the symptoms and situations, I combined it. Enjoy.

Module 7: NEW: stop technique and short podcast

May 4th 2023

I have added a short version of the podcast about dealing with symptoms and removed the blog below the Brain-retraining tutorial. Instead of that I have written a small explanation of how and when to use the “stop technique”.

Module 1: FAQ

February 27th 2023

I created a FAQ page with some questions I receive frequently ;)

Module 12: Completely new

February 23rd 2023

I created a new module based around the truth behind false belief systems and creating a new life.

As you can see, I have deleted lots of content as I am convinced that doing the work, will automatically set you on a different path.

Module 11: Completely new

February 12th 2023

I created a new module based around EMDR and the release of the fight, flight or hide energy.

Module 10: Completely renewed

February 5th 2023

Lots of changes here. I decided to make the program less spiritual and more practical. Therefore I have removed the old modules perception and frequency. I have integrated the “good” content in other modules and have made ‘wholeness’ the 10th module. This module has partially been updated as well.

Module 9: Completely renewed

January 31st 2023

I updated this module to make it easier, less material and more practical. The module has been renamed with ‘flow’. A great title as it is the opposite of stress and I noticed in recovery that it often reduced or removed all my symptoms.
There is a new intro, a video about flow, a new 20 meditation habit and a shaking it loose habit. I removed the cold showers, the video about standing in your own way, the loneliness meditation (8th) and the levels of consciousness video (blog is still there but optional). The podcast about joy is still there but also optional now.
Module 8: Almost completely renewed

January 18th 2023

I updated this module and tried to make it simpler and shorter. I only kept the guided inner child release meditation, podcast and self-worth blog. The rest is updated. I put the ‘loneliness and abandonment’ meditation from the 11th module in this module. I will remove it from the 11th module soon.
Module 7: Almost completely renewed

January 10th 2023

I updated this module and tried to make it simpler and shorter. I removed the TRE from this module and will create my own version for the 9th module. The ‘primal trust meditation’ from the 9th module is now in this module as well. You can find new habits among the populair technique: Nature, Humor and Calmness. I also brought the video from JP Sears “Finding your weirdness” to this module. I will delete it from the 11th soon.
Module 1: Phases of ME/CFS

January 3rd 2023

I updated the phases of CFS. I now have the following phases:
Tired & Wired
The Pit
No Man’s Land
Funny thing is that the first and the last phase are almost the same. But in the last one you have a lot more tools, knowledge and understanding.
Module 6: Partially renewed

January 1st 2023

A new intro and videos. I talk more in depth about coping mechanisms and its painful truth. There is a video about pushing, pressure, disipline and motivation and a new video about unconscious anger and fear regarding to bein involved in coping mechanisms. I deleted the personality video.

Module 5: Completely renewed

December 24th 2022

A new intro and videos. I made a video and article about understanding your symptoms. I also removed the guided meditations in this module, some are already in previous modules. The grounding meditation will become part of the 10th module.

Module 4: Partially renewed

December 20th 2022

A new intro and I dive deeper into the psychology of here / now / self. This habit has now a more somatic approach with “orienting”. The “no man’s land challenge” has been removed.

Module 3: Completely renewed

December 19th 2022

The 3rd module has been updated with new videos. Some of the habits and the hypnosis method are now part of the 2nd and 1st module. The tapping meditation from the 5th module is now a part of this module. We go deeper in this now and make it a stress reduction habit.

Module 2: Completely renewed

December 15th 2022

I have created new and better videos. The hypnosis meditation and habits from the 3rd module have now become part of the 2nd module.

Module 1: Completely renewed

December 14th 2022

Thanks for all your feedback in the past 2 years. It is time to completely update the program, starting from module 1. There are new videos, including a new pacing method that works better. The habit Conscious eating was removed from the 3rd module and added here with the intuitive diet.