Alignment recovery program

Module 5 – Expression


One or two weeks


This module contains 4 new tools


Journaling and ecstatic dance


“I needed to write, to express myself through written language not only so that others might hear me but so that I could hear myself.”

~Dr. Gabor Maté~

What is going on?

Holistic health model

Understanding the self-healing process and the Alignment Program

The mindbody syndrome

Protection by distraction

Understanding symptoms

And how to react


A helpful release habit

Tapping meditation

Guided meditation to tap on the fear for the symptoms – 432hz

Start expressing your feelings, emotions and boundaries.


Become aware of unconscious triggers and stressors by journaling. You can use this workbook as a guidance for questions. You don’t have to finish the workbook in this module.

Ecstatic Dance

Sometimes, especially when we are wired, the best thing is to subtly move and express yourself at the sounds of calm and peaceful music. Can you express what is in you? Go slowly and pace. (A few minutes of subtle movement with your arms and hands is more than enough.)

Exploring the unconscious mind

Be open to the idea that you are not experiencing the full range of your feelings and emotions. What you can’t feel is in your unconscious mind and the mind filters it away for you. Things like journaling might not be a fun activity, but make the most out of it by practising to feel your emotions by pretending. The more you give your brain the message that these feelings and emotions are okay, the more you can become aware of them. You can write about someone else having these feelings for example, it’s enough to let it frequently pass your mind. You can start with a difficult feeling you haven’t felt for a while, or something you judge as negative and unwanted.

Your toolkit

Saying no
Ecstatic dance
Understanding symptoms
Sleep hygiene
Conscious activity
daily affirmations
reprogramming negative beliefs
Living offline
Stop judgements
Intuitive diet
Beliefs awareness

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