Alignment recovery program

Module 0 – Introduction


“Disease is the language of the soul. When you listen to your true self, health will be the answer of your body.”

~Nathalie Rauchberger~

Fair use

Without your support I can’t continue

This program offers more than most other programs and has a good success rate, especially since the updates. The program is freely accessible for everyone, but to keep things fair for everyone, I ask for a donation of €432.00 for the ones that can afford it and a €216.00 donation for the ones with a lower budget. This money will partially go to new projects I am working on.

Before you start

It is important to rule out serious other medical conditions by doing bloodworks and visiting your general practitioner or hospital first.

This online program is about self healing, this means I don’t believe that external therapies or medication will heal you. Of course there are external factors that can help you in your journey and it has its place. But of all the people I spoke to who healed from chronic fatigue syndrome, not one spoke about medication and other things outside of themselves!

That is great news! In this program you will learn all the practical tools to embark upon your own healing journey.