A step by step guide

Structure in the recovery jungle

Alignment recovery program

Healing ME/CFS holistically

Online recovery program for chronic diseases

12 Modules

Online DIY program. You can do it at your own pace. The estimated duration is 12-24 weeks


The price is based on your donation. You can access the program for free if money is a problem for you.

Practical tools

The program uses lots of different scientific holistic tools that help you release stuck stress and avoid the  new stressors that disregulate your nervous system


Coaching is not included, but you can book an online session with me to help you through the modules and to see if we can find the root cause of the illness

A donation- based recovery program

For anyone who has lost their belief that traditional healing methods, therapy or external products can help you heal long-term from a chronic disease with so-called vague and unexplained complaints. Think about Chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme, Post viral, Long covid, POTS, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Chronic pain and Myalgic encephalomyelitis.

For anyone who is sick and tired about the financial marketing with extremely expensive recovery programs and wants to stop buying all the supplements and other treatments that only seem to have a temporary effect.

Because I know what it is to be in your place and how important it is to have these resources available.

This program has been made especially for people with sensitive brains.

Are you ready?

  • To destress completely and free yourself from all the hidden and often painful stressors?
  • To take responsibility for your health?
  • To stop searching for quick fixes?
  • To have your life transformed in ways you can’t even imagine yet?
  • To let your body access its own innate healing powers?
  • To embark upon a beautiful inner journey that will continue after recovery?

What is in the program?

Extensive brain rewiring

  • Develop your awareness of thoughts and beliefs in the mind and states in the body so you can transform unhelpful survival patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Practice and learn the brain retraining / neuroplasticity technique  with the core concepts of: Calmness,  Envisaging and Embodying
  • Develop better self-care through learning about coping mechanisms, OCD and the perpetuating / addictive stress response
  • Learn to value a calm nervous system with the use of frequencies, guided meditations, mindfulness, hypnosis, self-awareness exercises and more

Mindbody and somatics

  • Learn about the mind-body connection and the purpose of symptoms and how they are created
  • Develop the skill to tackle negative mind-body symptoms fast via awareness and connecting with the body
  • Practise a daily routine to become aware of what is going on in your unconscious mind
  • Useful videos, tips, stories and podcasts to understand yourself and your symptoms better

Healing trauma and releasing emotions

  • Learn several skills to release trauma and other “negative” energies / emotions that block the flow of energy.
  • Guided meditations to help you release the “fight or flight” energies and emotions from your body
  • Reconnecting with forgotten and suppressed aspects of your true self and lowering the stress response to certain unknown qualities by removing self-resistance
  • Express healthy boundaries by becoming aware how your body reacts to anything in life and what you actually need
  • Experience what the release of trauma does with your health and symptoms

Alignment practise

  • Pace yourself to feel safe within your limits and stop the push and crash cycle and understand your setbacks and relapses better
  • Implement over 40 practical tools and habits to replace negative and stressful behaviour and release stress.
  • Learn about your needs in relationships and your attachments style.
  • Become immune for manipulation from yourself and others. What do you and your body need from any relationship in your life?
  • Develop self-care practises and enfolding yourself in the one you have always been. What are your true hobbies, impulses and traits if you remove the stressful “should” coping addiction?

Chronic fatigue syndrome recovery program

Dispite populare belief, I have concluded that the root cause behind the illness differs from person to person. Some just need brain rewiring and others need to heal their unconscious traumatic wounds. Therfore some can expect fast results while others need more time. In this program you can find all the holistic tools to help you heal from all angles.

What people say

“The concepts Daniel teaches in his work are proven, foundational, essential principals of recovery from mind/body chronic debilitating symptoms. This stuff is gold. And his approach is real and sincere, rooted in pure truth, not self-centered like many others. His work helped me go from a severe, bedridden state to getting my life back in just a few months. He woke me from the illusions and prison of my own mind that kept me stuck. I will be forever grateful! Highly recommend”
~Sandra chatwin~

~The only program that focuses on all area’s: Pacing & lifestyle, Brain retraining, Emotional release & somatics and Puropse approaches. Plus it is the only one availabe via donation.”~
~Lindsey (Post Viral Podcast and creator of CFS programs navigator)

~”I am now 100% healed! I just walked 7km without any symptoms and started my morning with 2 km jog and coldshower feeling so good. Its been 3 months since I found your course and now I am so happy. I wasnt living at all. Also I am glad that I had CFS because it showed me the way to a good life. I went from sitting 4 hours on  pc and laying down on bed 20h to living better live before CFS. Thank you for giving me my live back.”

“It is almost impossible to not heal when you really grasp his principles and philosophy and put in the work to heal yourself. When you are immersed in his work and the healing program, I found that it not only helps with your illness but also your whole life.”

“Here’s an example: In martial arts, most forms/styles are about applying aggressive force toward your opponent. However there are a few forms/styles where instead, they emphasize maintaining mental tranquility and muscle relaxation and using the least amount of your own energy by redirecting and countering to use the opponents force and power against them. That’s what attracted me to your approach to healing vs. Others out there. Exessive pressure, force, and pushing is what got me into this mess so I need a new and different approach to get out and yours is more about creating and holding a space for healing to happen and unfold naturally with little force or energy whereas others are about trying to use power and force to will yourself better. Within two months I have gone from being bedbound to hiking in the mountains.”
~Sandra C~

“Hi Daniel I am not that very far in your programme (module 2) But the thing that attracted me to your programme is because you include emotional work. And it seems like your programme is perhaps more to the spriritual side (Louise Hay)- which I like. I tried ANS Rewire before your programme – and it was not a really good match to me.”

~Hanne S ~

“I think your program offers a good breath of knowledge which can help people come to understand the condition and themselves better. It also points to a lot of self help resources which can allow a person to choose what works well for them.”
~Louise A~

“I am very grateful for this program for giving me so many useful coping skills in getting my body back on track. Before I started this program I was able to do very little and everything out of comfort zone gave me a tremendous set back. Now my body is a lot more flexible and I am able to push it in wonderful ways and experience life. Thank You!”
~Basya B~

“I think I’ve reached the heartpiece of it only now (module 06). Your point of view is the only one I am following right now, because everything else has stopped making sense to me. I think you’re a very knowledgeable person and you have my utmost respect for all the insight and expertise that is freely available on your channel.

 I am making a lot of progress lately, would considered myself 80% recovered. However, it’s hard to put that even into numbers because for me, it’s now more about the process than about getting rid of symptoms as fast as I can.

 For myself, a big part of my recovery is learning how to stay calm in the face of symptoms, laughing at them, being comfortable with an unknown future, with unlearning who I was and finally allowing my emotions fully without trying to do something about them. This is the biggest transformation of my life and I know that regardless of whether I will ever reach “100% recovery”, my view on life, goals, progress, success, etc. has changed so tremendously that I would say I’m almost grateful for this experience.”
Nina F ~

Your videos are very well done for a person with a sensitive brain. Very calm and easy to absorve information. The others are very intense with white backgrounds too much information in one go not that is bad but you’re calm and talk about other topics of like the society ect .. but the main aspect I think is designed for cfs people.
~Clarisse R~

“The alignment program helps build a stronger foundation and “plug the deep holes” along with symptom management for long term stability instead of mainly focusing on just the fatigue and symptoms. I like The realness of it. I don’t feel like I’m buying some commercial product that will fix my life for me like some miracle product you see on tv commercials. But then again please don’t let that discourage you from advertising this program more ;) ”
~Zach N~

“I agree with all of the above so I won’t repeat, but just to add that your videos are short! Which is much-needed for many of us. And you speak slowly and calmly. I have seen other videos and been in other programmes where the videos are over an hour long and the coach speaks really fast and animated – I can’t deal with that at all so they’re of no use to me! You generally have a very calm presence and I don’t at any point feel ‘told off’ or ‘I’m doing it wrong’ ”
~Hazel S~

I would say it’s a comprehensive program that touches on many different elements, being comprised of 13 modules with an emphasis on self-awareness and emotional healing. It helps people with CFS become aware of their habitual patterns and stored emotions.
~Lori K~

“What strikes me most is how your presence differ from other founders of various programs. I find you much more authentic, your presence is more real to me.
Other founders try to sell their product and I can feel and see their marketing strategies while you are being you and I adore that!”
~Kasia C~