Hi, I am Daniel

I love to feel the sea on my skin,
I love the warmth of the sand,
I love to see the sunlight coming through the trees,
I love the smell of rain on a hot day
I love to walk through the forest, to run, to climb, to cycle, to swim, to dance and to eat any food I choose…

This was my dream – to live at the beach, to fall in love, to be able to use my body…

And after seven years of living with CFS I was able to make a complete recovery and am now living my dream life.

I would love to help you live your dream life. I would love to help you heal.

I would love to coach you. And together we can take the first steps

It’s my joy to help you find your way back to health and we can start whenever you are ready.
You probably feel stuck. Don’t worry, I will show you what to do to start feeling better.
The coaching is very practical – it’s okay if your brain isn’t working – step by step you can become YOU again.

Every little thing is gonna be alright

I am a licensed emotional coach / mindbody therapist and hypnotherapist, and I have been coaching hundreds of people with ME/CFS to recovery since 2020.
I am also someone who had chronic fatigue for seven long years myself, and I want to help you leave that state behind you and start your new life.