CFS Healing

A 3 months recovery program to guide you step by step into a healthy and vibrant life.

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What you will get in the Aligment Recovery Pogram

Extensive brain rewiring

Mindbody and somatics

Healing trauma

Alignment practise

The most empowering moment is when you find out exactly what is causing your symptoms and learn to release the underlying stressor. Suddenly you feel you are back in control and the symptoms don’t scare you anymore.

“It is almost impossible to not heal when you really grasp his principles and philosophy and put in the work to heal yourself.”

I believe you can heal yourself from ME/CFS!

ME/CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome recovery is a hard thing to do when we don’t understand the symptoms or when we are looking for answers and solutions in the wrong areas. Becoming aware of when our symptoms increase, can tell you where you have to find your personal answers. Unfortunately in the recovery jungle full of protocols, diets, opinions and beliefs, it’s hard to stay with both feet on the ground. I know how bad you feel and how hard it is to find information with the limited energy and lack of concentration. Because of that I share vital information for your recovery on this website. If you feel like you need personal help from me, you can have me as an online recovery coach or join the Alignment Recovery Program online.


Follow the podcast to change your perspective on healing vs disease and get inspired in your own healing journey

Guided meditations

Listen to soothing and guiding meditations to calm down, rewire and heal emotionally

Online coaching

I can help you understand what is going on with you and guide back to health

Recovery stories

How others healed


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Healing approach

It might seem weird and unexpected at first, but once you get it, it will empower you.

Support group

Join the Facebook support group and learn with and from eachother

About me

Who am I and what was my journey towards becoming a health coach


What others say…

Your body knows how to heal you

The body collapses when there are too many stressors for a long period of time. Your behaviour, thoughts, diet, emotional stressors, your personality, everything needs to change. You don’t have to become someone better, instead you have to find alignment with who you already were. All these processes take time and effort. For most of us it is hard to change and give up on what they previously believed to be true and how we thought we had to act.

The average adult spends 70% of its time in survival mode. This weakens the immune system and will over time drain your adrenals. Joe Dispenza was able to measure a 50% boost of the immune system after only a few days of meditation. But don’t make the mistake of pushing yourself to meditate. Be kind to yourself, love yourself.

The Alignment Program and my coaching aims to release all your hidden stressors to create a healing state in which you can heal yourself.

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If you feel like you could need some help with navigating in your ME/CFS recovery journey, send me a postcard to my house or if you insist, fill in the contact form on this website.



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